The Pause for Peace project was conceived in Kenya,  Africa during the time when the country was in deep political, economical and harmony crisis. It is our belief that the state of our inner selves is a true reflection of how we respond to social, economical and even political situations. Currently it is conducted successfully in all the African countries. The Pause for Peace project create awareness to all individual that Peace is our innate quality and each one is responsible to contribute Peace to their self, family, work, nature and world.



This Pause for Peace Initiative will enable an individual to be aware and experience that:“Peace is our Personal Choice regardless the situations and circumstances” and “Peace can be experienced anywhere, anytime by anyone.”



This project is open to all and mainly targeted for the youths to Pause for Peace during transitional times. The initiation is to provide PAUSE in an attempt to reduce stress and anger and in its place increase their attention and positive response towards themselves and others. Dedicated volunteers will be participating to ensure that Pause for Peace initiative reaches the larger population. 


Pause for Peace Method

Focus on having good feelings for the self, family, environment, country and the world by connecting with the true Peace within. Your age, gender, religion, race or any other affiliation does not matter. It is done in 4 steps. 

Step 1 Relaxation: Bring the mind and body into a state of   Calm and Peace…

Step 2 Concentration: Focus on the deepest thoughts of Peace, Love 

Step 3 Contemplation: Think and reflect on Peace in your inner self …

Step 4 Benevolence: Focus on Peaceful thoughts and let Peace flow out into your life …